Yoga Turban | Bright Flower Garden

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Short description

Our classic Yoga Turban is one of our most popular turban. This turban is in a colourful design with yellow, purple, brown, white, pink and rose colours. The turban is made of our Caretech® Bamboo viscose.

Care & materials

The turban is made of our elegant Caretech® Bamboo viscose. We are very proud of exactly this material, because it is your guarantee that the headwear is made according to CE and Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certifications. This means that you get a high quality turban because we believe that only the best is good enough for you. We recommend that you hand wash your headwear and dry it lying flat on a towel. Drying is not recommended.

If the need is a smart and classic turban that is quick to style and apply, then we recommend the beautiful printed Yoga Turban. This turban is simple and feminine with fine stitching across the hat, which gives a natural fullness and a smart look and it is an absolute bestseller.Yoga Turban is ideal for everyday use and for sports as the unique construction means that the hat stays on regardless of activity and weather conditions.

The Yoga series is one of our large series, which offers many different and beautiful designs / colours. This Yoga Turban is in the "Bright Flower Garden" design.

The Bright Flower Garden print is a colourful flower series that gives a beautiful glow to many different skin types. With the many shades of pink, it will definitely match the pink lips and give a little colour to the cheeks. The carefully designed pattern is filled with lots of strong, slightly dusty colours, and since they are placed on a classic beige background, it actually looks quite calm and organized. The flowers are a beautiful collection of garden flowers in a mixture of yellow, purple, brown, white, pink and rose colours. A cheerful look so special that if it were actually a real flower bed, it would attract thousands of colourful butterflies.

95% Viscose (Bamboo), 5% Spandex