Sun Protection

There is nothing like a hot summer day where the sun is shining. Especially if there is a bit of shade of find so that your head and face can calm down from the sun’s rays. If not, do not despair. With our delicious accessories for sun protection, you can always protect your head from the UV rays.

On this page you will find our hats and scarves for men and women, which are specially designed for sun protection. Our products are Danish designed and made of 100% cotton. All hats and scarves give you sun protection with a high SPF of 50+.

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Sun protection SPF 50+

House of Christine Headwear has developed a special Sun Line with products that provide sun protection with a high SPF 50+

Let’s the skin breathe and protects your head

The most important thing about a summer or sun hat is, of course, that your head is protected from the sun's rays. The next most important thing is that your skin can breathe in the material. It's just not the same to enjoy a day in the sun if your hat feels sticky and sweaty against your skin.
Our sun protection is especially intended for you who have little or no hair. If your head is not protected by hair, the skin is very vulnerable to the sun's rays. Especially if you suffer from a serious illness or during treatment, your skin may become particularly susceptible to the UV rays. We always recommend that you follow the Health and Medicines Authority's three recommendations for not just sun hat, but also both shade and sunscreen. Stay in the shade between 12 and 15 and always apply sunscreen when you are out in the sunshine. If you are going in the water, you also recommend protecting your head with one of our stylish swim caps.

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