On this page you will find our delicious selection of wool headwear. The range offers thin wool hats that feel comfortable against the skin and do not scratch. It is important that it feels nice to wear the hat, and therefore we have carefully selected the best and softest materials that makes your skin relax.

Explore the selection and find the hat that suits you the best. We have something for everyone and offer a wide range of hats and caps in all sorts of styles, materials and colors.

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Revolutionary 37.5® technology

The wool hats on this page have been developed with a rather special technology. We call it our 37.5® technology, and it helps to make the hats comfortable and soft which ensure that they have a temperature-regulating effect beyond the usual.

The technology got its name from the average human body temperature of 37.5 ℃, and it precisely aims to maintain a stable temperature. That is, the wool hats with this technology work warming when you are freezing and cooling when you get it hot. This is possible, among other things, because the fabric dries as much as 5 times as fast as similar products designed without the 37.5® technology.

The fabric releases steam and moisture lightning fast, which ensures lightning-fast temperature control. Some of the active particles behind the technology come from natural sources such as coconut shells and volcanic minerals. It contributes to the soft and comfortable properties of the fabric and to the natural moisture-repellent qualities.