When using headwear, it is important to use a material that is comfortable. If you suffer from hair loss, it only becomes even more relevant to find a material that feels nice against the bare head.

Cotton possesses a lot of good properties which benefit our beautiful headwear. The cotton has a high absorbency, has long, strong, and soft fibers that allow it to be worn directly and safely against the skin without side effects.

We have various scarves and turbans in fine colors, which are made of cotton. Below you can dive into our large selection and find exactly the cotton headwear that suits you.

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Find one of the world's finest cotton qualities at House of Christine

Among our selection you will find headwear which is made of 100% cotton. You will also find products that are in the material Caretech® Supima Cotton. It is also cotton, but this is one of the world's finest cotton qualities. It is both softer and more durable than regular cotton. And then it has a smooth and silky surface. Here you really get something for your money. You can enjoy the comfortable material against your skin, while you do not have to worry about it breaking quickly or becoming ugly.

Beautiful colors, patterns and shapes

It is not only because of the delicious material that you should explore our selection of cotton headwear. Because we also have both turbans and scarves in many beautiful colors.
Whether you are into black, mauve or a discreet blue, or whether you prefer colors such as purple, red or pink, you will find your color with us.
At the same time you will also find headwear in different shapes. We have, for example, cotton scarves with a smart curling effect on the long ties, which you can easily style. We also have sun scarves, which make sure to keep the sun away with, among other things, a soft shade. And if you want a tight-fitting turban with extra fabric on top for more volume, you can also find some of these among our selection.