Night Cap

On this page you will find our entire selection of headwear for the night. The selection offers beautiful night hats in comfortable materials that keep your head warm all night long. Night Caps are obvious for you who suffer from unwanted hair loss. Hair loss can happen for many reasons. For some women it happens in connection with menopause, while for others it can occur in connection with radiation therapy and chemo courses.

A night cap can also be used by you who want to protect your hair at night and do not like to sleep with it loose. When you sleep with a night cap, you protect your hair from wear and tear due to the pillow. In addition, you avoid annoying 'cracks' in the hair from sleeping with elastic if you are used to putting it on at night.

We wish you a good and comfortable night's sleep and are sure that our comfortable night hats can help you well on your way. See the selection below and choose exactly the nightcap that suits you.


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Comfortable materials

There is nothing that can disturb the night's sleep like discomfort. It can be either annoying noises, a slightly too short duvet or annoying materials that scratch the skin. The team behind House of Christine know this, and therefore our night caps are of course made of comfortable materials. The materials are breathable and soft, so you can keep warm and sleep calmly and well.
Our nightcaps are made of either Caretech® Bamboo or Caretech® Milk. Both materials are suitable for you who suffer from hair loss and / or have a sensitive scalp.