If you often wear a turban, but would like to shine it up a bit, you have landed on the right place. On this page you can see our selection of ribbons. You may not have thought about buying one before. But in fact, it can do a lot for your turban's appearance, and they can help create fullness for your turban.

See our selection of ribbons below and possibly read more about the different kinds. Whether you are into one style or the other, you will probably find a ribbon that you will fall in love with.

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Decorative ribbons for women

Whether you are into simple colors or beautiful patterns, we have a ribbon for you. Our selection of decorative ties includes some with lots of colors and beautiful prints. For example, you can choose one with flowers that are full of beautiful, summery colors such as yellow, orange, pink and purple.
But we also have lots of other great looking prints. And if you really like patterns, but you are more into the muted colors, then you will fortunately also find a tie that meets exactly the desires.

Solid-colored ribbons for women

It could also be that you are looking for a ribbon without patterns. Then of course you will also find it at House of Christine. If you like a little bang on the color, you can choose one that is red or purple. But if you are into the completely subdued, you will also find different solid colors in colors such as black, blue, beige and gray.
So whatever style you prefer, there is most likely also a ribbon that will fit perfectly into your wardrobe and in interplay with your turban.

Functional ribbons

Our ribbons are both long and wide. This means you can use them in several ways as there is plenty of substance for the purpose. You can use the different kinds to create extra fullness, but you can also easily use them in different decorative ways. Be creative with your ribbon and create the extra detail that gives you a very special, beautiful expression.