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Get inspired by the beautiful ribbons and headbands on this page and find the perfect accessory match for your favourite headwear model.

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A vibrant or a classic look – take your pick

On the House of Christine accessory page, you’ll find a large range of both decorative and vibrant models and, if you are the classic type, a lot of solid coloured too. Perhaps you would like a ribbon with bright summer colours like yellow, pink and purple. Or perhaps you prefer one of the many wonderful and practical headbands for women with hair loss.

Regardless of your style preferences we’ve got a suitable solution that will look gorgeous with natural hair, wigs or your favourite turban model.

Create stylish volume with a ribbon

Adding a ribbon to your turban styling can make a big difference to your look and also add beautiful volume. You can style our ribbons in many decorative ways. As they are both wide and very long, they give you the possibility to be creative and shape the look that suits your personality and lifestyle.

We hope you’ll feel inspired into making your head wrap look your own kind of wonderful, regardless of wanting to add an extra feminine touch to your turban or if you are in it for the additional volume.

Hair and wig headband

A headband is a smart and effective solution if you are experiencing patchy hair loss or are looking to add extra volume to your turban. The classic Chitta Headband is a beautiful and stylish solution suitable to use as an accessory with natural hair, a wig or as a Mix & Match addition to your turban. Chitta is made of the luxurious Caretech® Bamboo material, which is both durable, breathable and feels soft and gentle against the skin. Choose from white hair bands, black hair bands or one of the many vibrant coloured bands in the range.

If, on the other hand, you want to add extra volume to your turban, our Scarlett Headband is the perfect choice. You can easily apply the headband as it is pre-styled and therefore does not require any special styling. You can also combine the Scarlett headband with Amber and Sapphire or one of our many other headwear models.

Be inspired by our ribbons and headbands

If you are curious or would like to know more about our headbands for women with hair loss, you can read our wonderful ambassadors' stories and experiences with hair loss in our testimonials. You are also very welcome to visit our Facebook or Instagram profiles, where you can get inspiration by our different headwear Mix & Match stylings. On our YouTube channel you can find further inspiration and video styling guides. If you have any questions about our ribbons or headbands, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you both by phone and e-mail.