Male Headwear

Many men experience hair loss with age. For some, it starts around the age of 20, while for others it only begins in the 50s. Hair loss can lead to many negative emotions, but it does not have to be this way. We do not decide for ourselves about our hair loss - but we do decide what we do about it.

Our selection provides both warm hats for the cold months of the year and for light hats that protect you from the summer sun.

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For everyday life and for sports

If you love spending time outdoors all year round, one of our lightweight hats for everyday and sports is guaranteed to be for you. We can offer both the Explore hat and our Venture hat, among other things. The Explore hat is made of 80% Coolmax, which is a type of polyester that is particularly good for transporting sweat away from the skin. A special quality of the Explore hat is also its comfortable lining of soft bamboo viscose, which makes it suitable for you who have a delicate scalp. The hat is also suitable for men with little or no hair on the head.

The Venture hat is available in two different colors and is made of 95% bamboo viscose. It is a particularly soft and enormously comfortable material, which is heat-regulating, moisture-absorbing and not least breathable. The material is particularly suitable for outdoor activities that require sweat on the forehead. That's why our Venture hat is ideal for a run.

Of other everyday hats you will also find our B.B. Bennet cap, which gives you comfortable shade from the sun.