Hair loss scan be the result of a disorder, hormonal changes or it can be caused by critical illness and the subsequent treatment. Much of our identity lies in our hair. So, when women who suffers from serious illness lose their hair due to the treatment, they struggle not only to survive, but also to maintain a sense of normalcy, femininity, and dignity – at House of Christine we want to help ensure.

It is important to us that women find inspiration in our products and that they feel safe, fashionable, and confident when they wear one of our products. The modern design focuses on versatility, trends and fit and all styles at House of Christine are tailored to give volume and fullness to a head without hair, as well as ensure a perfect and comfortable fit and a graceful silhouette.

Some or no hair at all exposes the scalp, making it vulnerable to weather conditions and harmful radiation from the sun. With new collections twice a year, Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter, we are able to follow changing trends and give women the opportunity to find the perfect headwear that fits any wardrobe all year around. House of Christine's large range of styles includes scarves, hats, turbans, nightgowns, hair bands, knit wear and sun products.

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