User info on CE-marked products

If you experience challenges in connection with the purchase or use of some of our CE-marked products, please follow the user instructions below.

User Guide

User guide for CE-marked products supplied under the Christine Headwear, Male Headwear and Petite Peanut Headwear brands:

For products that are CE-marked and meet the requirements for Class I medical devices in the EU (MDR). Most of the materials used in the product are certified according Standard 100 By Oeko-Tex class I and II and products for children (Petite Peanut) class I, which means that they are tested and suitable for direct skin contact. The products do not contain latex / natural rubber.

Care instructions

For care instructions, please see the care label on the product. The product must be washed like other clothing items that are in direct contact with the skin. Please note that the products can shrink up to 5% when the care instructions are followed. Also note that colour retention towards light, staining and peeling is at least 3-4, which is suitable for daily use of textiles. We recommend washing your headwear manually with liquid detergent. Durability: When the products are washed and maintained according to care instructions, they generally have a durability of 30-40 uses / care cycles - equivalent to one year of normal use. However, the colours gradually fade over time.

Storage time

The products must be stored in clean, dry and dark conditions for the longest possible lifespan. Unused products that are stored correctly have a shelf life of approx. 5 years.


We recommend that you wash the products before use to remove any residual textile processing chemicals.

The products should only be worn on intact skin. If your skin is not intact, wear an appropriate bandage (1st layer) on the skin before using the product. If skin irritation such as rash or itching occurs when wearing the product, then you must stop using it. You can wash the product and try wearing it again after a few days. However, if the problem persists, discontinue use and contact the store where you purchased your item.

Achieve maximum comfort and fit by choosing the right product for you. If seams, accessory details or other parts irritate your skin or leave pressure marks, try putting the product back on and adjust the fit. If irritation persists, discontinue use and follow above recommendations.

Contact the seller

If you experience problems with a product, then contact the store where you purchased your item. This is extremely important if you experience any health-related problems when wearing our products.