We are happy to share these testimonials from some of the women who wear our products. There are as many stories out there as there are women, and these are just a few. We feel blessed to hear your stories and how Christine Headwear has helped women of all ages to feel like themselves after they have lost all or parts of their hair.

We are proud to have so many Christine Headwear ambassadors out there. If you would like to share your story with other women in your situation, please write to us at [email protected]

Claude LG, United Kingdom

In May 2019, I was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer and started immediately on chemotherapy. I tried the cold cap during the first treatment but hated it.

I visited the wig shop but hated it. So I knew I had to find headcover. I searched and searched, bought colourful scarves and a Muslim friend taught me how to wrap them around my head. But it was very hot that summer and my head felt like a pressure cooker.

My sister-in-law did some research and found out about your 37.5 collection and sent me one of your pieces. I really wasn't sure about it at all at the beginning but after trying it on, I found it was wonderful.

It was easy to put on, elegant so I could wear it for work and SO comfortable I could forget all about it and go about my day without itching or sweating. I bought the same in a different colour and again when I had to have a second chemo in the autumn of 2020.

Pamela, Italy

About 3 years ago I lost all my hair in a few months after childbirth of my second daughter, due to alopecia. Maybe it was the shock of a difficult childbirth; maybe it was the stress of having 2 little babies at home or maybe it was destiny... At the beginning I was very depressed.

To lose my hair brought me lots of uncertainties! I was desperately searching for a solution to cover my head, and after a lot of research I discovered the wonderful world of Christine Headwear. Happiness and certainties were back in my life again! I am not exaggerating!

When you lose your hair, you do not recognize your face in the mirror, you see a "different you" reflected on it. I got familiar with the new me and Christine Headwear helps me to feel fashionable.

Jeanette Grøn Nielsen, Denmark

My name is Jeanette and recently I lost my hair due to chemo treatment. I have one of your Boho Spirit turbans and I love it. It is so amazing with the long ribbons to give volume and to create lots of different expressions.

I always use Soft Lift Hat under my turbans, it creates a fantastic volume under my turban. It is a good invention. I make sure to exercise every day, either doing yoga or strength training in the garden – or else I take a ride on the racing bike.

I use my black Yoga turban when I’m out cycling as it fits perfectly under my bike helmet, while at the same time being really flattering with its fine stitching.

Gretchen Mueller, USA

Your beautiful modern scarves have been a great comfort and the right choice when I lost my hair due to Alopecia! I mean it when I say that none of the other brands even come close to the comfort level of your hats.

Thank you for making such great products, of really high quality, that make us without hair look so beautiful!

Rebecca, Spain

I love my hat. I LOVE MY HAT.

I can’t wear wigs in the summer - to hot. So, I wear my headscarf but needed an alternative for the beach, cause it’s just in a constant circle of sun cream, sweat and wash. Cue House of Christine saving the day with a UPF50 hat for these Spanish Summers. This hat is the best all-rounder I’ve ever tried! And there’s been a few.

It’s breathable, comfortable, stylish, AND secure, as I know we worry about things flying off in the wind. I have worn it to the beach and on the terraces most days, and it has survived staying on my head during days so windy, that I had to put my parasol down.

It’s stylish so I obviously look cool as F..K...

Emma and Rianne Kasler, Netherlands

My daughter Emma has had Alopecia Universalis since she was 2 years old. She is now eight. We went from store-bought to home made and now we finally found your company.

Thank you so much for the fast delivery of absolutely the best headwear my daughter has ever received.

To unwrap the package as a little party. Every hat needed to be inspected throughly and showed to all family members. And the bonus hat was just a wunderful surprise.

I think we will order again.

Christina, Denmark

At the end of September this year (2022) I was diagnosed with lymphoma and received treatment quickly. As soon as I was told my hair was going to fall out, I bought some fancy knit hats from a menswear store – but I wanted some feminine hats! An afternoon at the hospital, a nurse came into my room, she had a note in her hand and on the note it said: ‘House of Christine’. She smiled and told me that she herself is a customer and that the selection of ‘girly hats’ is enormous.

At the end of October, I decided to shave off my long – and now thin hair.. and order some nice turbans.. I haven’t regretted it, because House of Christine has the most amazing customer service and a gigantic selection of the most beautiful turbans and headbands. There is just one problem when shopping on your web shop: I want everything in your shop!

Even when my hair grows back at some point, I will continue to wear my turbans from you, because it would be a shame not to.

Issy, United Kingdom

I was first diagnosed with alopecia at 23 years old, I am 40 years young now. I struggled a lot in my youth because I didn't know anyone else with hair loss and I grew up believing hair was a requirement to being a woman in this world. I was so wrong! I first decided to go public with my alopecia during the first lockdown back in 2020 and I haven't looked back. I started using wigs and as I became more confident I would use hats in the house. However, it wasn't until I bought my first House of Christine turban that I thought I could embrace my head and decorate it as I wished, no hair needed.

We are a very outdoorsy family, and I need to be comfortable. But we are also very artistically inclined and live life through colours, so these collections make my heart happy and my day to day full. I hope that if you are in this journey for whatever reason, or if you simply enjoy decorating your brain case, I can help showing you my favourite styles and how to make them work for you in any given situation.

Much love, and colours Isa, Issy, me.

Janina, USA

When friends give the best gifts…

I'd admired a lightweight undercap my friend Gaby had bought from @houseofchristine_headwear.

It is much lighter and smaller than conventional volumizers, and simply meant to perfect a more natural head shape for those who, like the both of us, have no hair at all. You see, hairless heads don't always look perfect under some lightweight, minimal caps/wraps, and so many times they appear rather deflated at the very top & back… This mini-shaper solves that issue quite nicely, as you can see the last two pictures I've provided… First image is with the shaper… Second image is without.

I especially love that it's extremely lightweight.. a stretchy lycra with a smooth elastic band that doesn't add bulk... Instead, it gently adds a secure, teeny bit of shape. Also, being super lightweight and airy, it won't make my head sweat too much. Dear sweet Gaby… I love this cap SO MUCH, A thousand thank yous for my gift!

Lea Bonini, Italy

My name is Lea. Years ago I suffered various violence from my ex-partner, I went in and out of the hospital but terrified. I could not leave him. The last violence suffered involved a skull fracture with 15 stitches and lesions to the esophagus. I also needed rehabilitation and a speech therapist to be able to speak again. From that day on I began to use wigs, which however I lived in a conditioned way, not mine.

Until one day, I decided to shave my hair and got to know the world of House of Christine. Wearing turbans, I lived my femininity in a more my own way. It also gave me a way to always express myself in a different way.

All women who wear turbans have their own history, some for cancer, some for alopecia and some like me for other reasons. But we are all special, and we must shine like stars in this sometimes gray world.

Rebecca Strobel, USA

No one loves being a hair-challenged woman… or man. It is not what I wished for at Christmas nor for my birthday. But here it is. My twin brother lost all of his hair numerous times from 9 years old to his late twenties.

When he lost all of it again, it stayed gone… I think folks believe that men have it easier being bald - but it was not easy for him and still - after so many years of being a proud handsome bald man - he gets uneasy or feels „different“.

Susanne Svendsen, Denmark

My name is Susanne and on the pictures here you can see me wearing my favourite turbans from Christine Headwear. When I bought the green turban from Boho Spirit I named it ‘the party turban’ because it is so colourful and vibrant.

It seems I have that party feeling a lot as I use it all the time. It makes me so happy when I wear it and I often get comments on how nicely it suits me. The grey Lotus Turban from Christine Headwear is so beautiful and comfortable to wear, and I really like the volume the flower creates on the one side.

Nina Grunow, Denmark

When I lost my hair due to chemo for breast cancer I had to find new ways for my look.
Since I am able to work full time and do my normal sport beside the chemo I have several looks - at work I am happy to use my wig, but for more relaxed private situations and for my sports I choose to wear headwear from House of Christine.

Since I do some sports where you use helmets (biking, riding) and masks (fencing), the yoga turban is the perfect fit for me, since it is very light, breathable, comfortable material and - most important protects the head where your hair normally helps, so masks and helmets do not hurt.
Even when fencing the European Championships with a lot of combats in a row, the turban did not move a centimeter, not even when taking the mask off.

When I feel like just having a really good look without sport activity, I am in love with my Boho Style Turban that gives me a lot of different styling possibilities.

Jouline, Sweden

I was diagnosed with alopecia 11 years ago, I was then 25 years old. I thought that life would be ruined, that I wouldn’t get to experience love, a family of my own.

I lost my identity completely. Over the years I have gotten my hair back but then lost it again. Today I’m confident in myself and I know my worth, it’s not in my hair. Wearing a beautiful headwear has helped me a lot. That way I can show my personality and mood just like with different hairstyles.

One must not forget to actually live life while living it”
All love Jouline

Louise, Denmark

I am a Bedridden ME-patient and have not lost my hair, but due to extremely low energy level, I can’t manage to maintain my hair: therefore, it is cut off completely. 
It has been cross-bordering to have completely short hair when body and mind just want to hide behind some long hair.

But I have become extremely happy to use the different turbans from House of Christine. There are a lot of options for styling, and models that suit both the very tired days and days when I have the energy to be more creative.

So actually, I don’t want to hide so much anymore. 
I love that the details have really been thought of – both in terms of styling options and just as much in terms of comfort. I haven’t tried any other brands that are comfortable enough that I can actually stand wearing them all day, even if I have to lie down most of the time.

The only downside is that I (really) would like to be able to buy one of each. 

Herit, Denmark

Hi my name is Herit. I’m Faroese but have lived in Denmark since 2004. I have Alopecia which I have had since 2007. I actually had all three forms of Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Universalis and Totalis. Right now I have a little hair here and there, but ALL the hair on my head is missing.

I’m getting used to not having hair that I don’t even know if I wish I had it. Turbans and wigs have become an integral part of me. I love the turbans and scarves from House of Christine, they are so comfortable and I love that there are models that speaks to my style, because I love that ones turbans and scarves make a bit of noise, the should be colourful and playful. It’s mainly the fact that they create a lots of volume I love and how they can create a completely new look depending on which style you are wearing.