Sun protection

A scalp with little or no hair is very vulnerable to the dangerous rays of the sun, and if you suffer from a serious illness, the treatment can leave your skin particularly vulnerable and sensitive, so it needs extra protection in the sun.

But sunlight and vitamin D, which we get from the sun, are also important for our health. The unique Sun Wear collection from Christine Headwear provides a UPF 50+ protection against the harmful rays of the sun and at the same time lets your skin breathe freely.

SPF 50+
House of Christine Headwear has developed a special Sun Line with products that provide sun protection with a high SPF 50+.

All styles from the Sun Wear collection are made of 100% cotton, so your skin can breathe in the sun, and at the same time they are very comfortable to wear. All models have wide shadows to shield the eyes and protect the sensitive facial skin. Our SPF 50+ sun protection does not consist of a washable coating, but is created because our styles are so tightly knitted that they do not allow the sun's rays to penetrate.

If you want to go swimming in the sunshine, we recommend that you wear a swimming cap as sun protection so that your sensitive scalp is covered and protected while you are in the water. In general, we recommend that you take extra precautions between 12.00 and 15.00 when the sun's rays are strongest and that you use plenty of sunscreen while enjoying the sun. See also the selection of Active Wear.

Our Sun Wear collection is continuously tested and certified according to the high Australian standard, Arpansa: AS / NZS 4399: 1996 *.
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