Shanti Turban Express | Blooming Pinks

Christine Headwear
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Short description

This model is from our brand Christine Headwear and is Limited Edition Headwear. The design is Blooming Pinks. The turban is produced in bamboo viscose.

Care & materials

The turban is made of our elegant Caretech® Bamboo viscose. We are very proud of exactly this material, because it is your guarantee that the headwear is made according to CE and Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certifications.

This Shanti Turban is an express model. This means that there is limited stock on this turban. Therefore, this turban is exclusive and a Turban that is obvious to add to the wardrobe.

Our Shanti series is an all-time favourite which has a printed piece that covers the back of the head. The feature gives a new look to the Shanti model and we are sure that it will be the new Christine darling.

The design Blooming Pinks is a wonderful flower printed series. The turban is built up with a cream-colored base, beautiful hand-drawn flowers in a delicate pink color and beautiful line-drawn flower heads in gold foil nicely placed around the turban.

95% Viscose (Bamboo), 5% Spandex