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Short description

Sea-Band is an acupressure band that, by giving a light pressure on an acupressure point on each wrist, counteracts nausea due to surgery and chemotherapy.

Care & materials

The Sea-Band can be washed using soap or mild detergent.

The product activates the body's own defense against nausea using the small acupuncture button in the bracelet and is therefore 100% drug-free. The bracelet works quickly and effectively and has no sedative side effects.

Sea-Band must be used as a preventative aid before nausea occurs. However, it can easily be applied after the nausea has occurred, the effect will incur after few minutes whereafter you’ll feel the nausea subsides.

Use the Sea-Band as needed and for as long as you feel it’s necessary to wear them. You can easily wear them all the time. However, the bandage should be removed immediately if the hand swells up.

Sea-Band is clinically tested and has a documented effect against motion sickness, pregnancy nausea and nausea after anesthesia and chemotherapy.


How to place the Sea-Band on your wrist

Position the Sea-Band on the wrist so that the acupressure button presses on the P6 point.

You find the point by placing your three middle fingers on the underside of the wrist (the person's own fingers).

The point is just below the index finger between the two tendons.

Position the button so that it presses on the P6 point. Repeat the procedure on the other wrist.