Special Creme | Scars & Stripes 100ML

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Creme to prevent and treat scars. 100ML tube.

Care & materials

We always recommend that you consult with your doctor before embarking on optimizing your skin condition. Beauté Pacifique's skin care products are manufactured and marketed in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation and are therefore not medicines and cannot prevent or cure disease conditions.

Surgical scars can be bothersome as the skin loses its elasticity and structural changes make the scars visible, and often red and thickened.

Use the creme Scars & Stripes to prevent and improve the skin before surgery to make the skin thicker, stronger and more robust, and use it to treat new as well as old scars.

Contains 2 active vitamin A esters, which soften the skin and make it more stretchable, so that the movement is normalized.

Use as soon as there are no exuding wounds.

100 ml tube