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The Christine Headwear Hair Grip is a small accessory that helps keep your wig cap or wig in place by gripping on to your natural hair.


When new hair starts to appear after a hair loss period it can be a struggle to get your wig caps and wigs to stay in place as the hair makes them slide slightly. The Hair Grip will gently secure your head covering to your new grown hair and prevent any movement.The set consists of 2 pieces of soft small-hooked Velcro grips with an adhesive back side. The grips must be placed on either side of your preferred head covering by peeling off the protective paper and sticking it onto the fabric or wig lace. Once you put your covering on, the small grips will secure itself to your hair.


The grips are 3,5 cm x 1,7 cm and can easily be washed whilst still attached to your wig or wig cap. Before wash the cap or wig must be folded so that the hair grips stick together, like Velcro. This to prevent the grip hooks from being damaged during wash.


If you want an even more permanent solution, the grips can easily be attached by sewing them onto your preferred head cover.


  • Helps secure wig liner, Soft Lift Hat and wigs to natural hair
  • Washable (Follow the above instructions)
  • 2-pcs set
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Composition 100% Polyamide