Friends of Christine

The Friends of Christine Universe is a customer club. Through this you receive e-mails with exciting news, special offers, styling tips, great live sessions and true stories from other headwear-Friends and so much more.

Because we believe headwear is for everyone

At House of Christine, we strive every day to provide you with beautiful headwear from our three brands Christine Headwear, Boho Spirit Headwear and Viva Headwear. To the small ones we’ve got Petite Peanut Headwear, and a selection of headwear for men with or without hair.


It is important for us you get a good experience when the need for headwear becomes a necessity, so we have created a unique Universe for you! A community you can join to get inspiration, meet new friends and where you are free to be just the person you are – by heart! No matter if you are a bald and beautiful or like headwear as a fashion statement the Friends of Christine Universe is an exciting place for you. The universe embraces all kinds of diversities - because there is no right or wrong when it comes to wearing headwear.

When you join our customer club you join an honest community that loves headwear and all the benefits that comes with this kind of head covering.


The universe is also a space in which all headwear lovers can share thoughts and feelings when going through a rough cancer treatment or when Alopecia becomes part of one’s life.
In all this is a headwear Universe made for you - by you!


Only the best is good enough

When you join the universe, you decide how much you want to share, communicate, and participate. Maybe you want to join our Wednesday live sessions (it is, by the way, super funny and a great way to get new headwear friends), do a headwear review, comment on our Facebook and Instagram or simply just follow and be part of what other headwear lovers do.