Customer Service

Here at House of Christine, it is our most important task to help you along the way. We are therefore ready to help you with questions, large and small, on both e-mail and phone.

It is very important to us that you get the very best experience here with us and that you feel both safe and listen to when you contact us.
You might be new to this world with hair loss and met with a new everyday life and therefore you are in a vulnerable situation – we are here for you and will do the best we can to help you with your questions.

We are a small, but friendly, team here at House of Christine. The people you meet when you contact us are these sweet people:








If you have signed up for our newsletters through our customer club "Friends of Christine" - then you have probably come across the name 'Mia' before. Mia provides inspiring and helpful tips and tricks in our newsletters, so it may be from here that you recognize her name. It can also be from our live sessions on Facebook, where Mia gives styling tips, recommendations, reveals secrets and creates relationships with you.

Carina's sweet voice is the one you hear when you call us in the office. She will do her best to help when you contact us with your questions. You are therefore always welcome to call us on +45 33 60 79 50. We are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00 CEST

You will feel Anette's drive and eager willingness to help you when you call us. Anette is ready to help you between 09:00 and 14:00. Anette is keen on products and can give you the best recommendations for exactly what you need.

Frederik is our technical nerd and the creator behind our great website. He is quite nice indeed, always smiling and also sits ready to be helpful and will do anything to find an answer to you. You’ll mostly get in touch with Frederik by e-mail.

You will meet Isabella when you write with us on Instagram and Facebook. She can help you find answers to both product questions and also help you find the nearest House of Christine dealer in your area. And, then she's just cute and lovely to talk to when you look past our SoMe profiles, or share your picture with us on #friendsofchristine.

You may also be lucky enough to get in touch with Pernille, Bente and Charlotte when you call us. They sit, in addition to our other colleagues, all ready with a friendly voice when you call us.

Now that you have been introduced to the House of Christine team behind email and phone, we hope you feel welcome to contact us. We are passionate about all that the House of Christine stands for, and we would love to help you.


We have tried to make it quick and easy for you by answering the questions below in advance. We hope you find what you are looking for, otherwise you are more than welcome to contact your new friends from House of Christine - we are ready to help with your questions.


Can I try the headwear at your address?
Yes, you can visit us at Tulstrupvej 11, 7430 Ikast, Denmark, at the place called 'Huset I_Ro.' Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

I can’t be allowed to complete a purchase - what do I do?
Contact us by mail or on telephone number +45 33 60 79 50. Telephone hours are 09:00 to 14:00 CEST from Monday to Friday.

I have a requisition - what do I do?
Please contact us by mail or phone.

How do I return an item?
See our return policy. Send your order / product (s) directly to our address:

Tulstrupvej 13
7430 Ikast
ATT: House of Christine

This must be done within 30 days of your package arriving at your place. Click here to view our return policy.

I have not received Track n 'Trace - has my item been shipped?
Contact us by mail or on telephone number +45 33 60 79 50. Telephone hours are 09:00 to 14:00 from Monday to Friday.

Can I get a student discount from you?
Yes. Contact us by mail

When do I receive my order?
Delivery times for World Wide deliveries are 4-6 working days.

I can’t find the product I want - what do I do?
Contact us by mail or on telephone number +45 33 60 79 50. Telephone hours are 09:00 to 14:00 from Monday to Friday.
It is a good idea to have relevant information ready about the product. For example, name, style number (example: 1000-0231) or a detailed description of the product.

When do you ship my order?
Our fantastic colleague Bente, who is responsible for packing your order, sends packages from Monday to Friday. If you want your order to be sent the same day, then the order must be placed before 14:00 on that day (CEST Time).

Delivery Costs

Scroll inside the table, to find your local area. 

Country Price Delivery Time
Australia (Express delivery) € 29.00 4-9 work days
Austria € 7.00 2-3 work days
Austria (Express delivery) € 23.00 1-2 work days
Belgium € 4.00 2-3 work days
Belgium (Express delivery) € 19.00 1-2 work days
Canada (Express delivery) € 21.00 2-3 work days
Switzerland (Express delivery) € 24.00 1-2 work days
Bulgaria € 6.00 4-6 work days
Czech Republic € 6.00 2-3 work days
Germany € 4.00 2-3 work days
Germany (Express delivery) € 19.00 1 day delivery
Spain € 7.00 4-7 work days
Spain (Express delivery) € 24.00 1-2 work days
Estonia € 6.00 5-7 work days
Finland € 7.00 3-6 work days
Finland (Express delivery) € 21.00 1-2 work days
France € 5.00 4-8 work days
France (Express delivery) € 21.00 1-2 work days
Faroe Islands (Express delivery) € 24.00 3-5 work days
United Kingdom € 7.00 3-6 work days
United Kingdom (Express delivery) € 24.00 1-2 work days
Greece € 7.00 5-7 work days
Greece (Express delivery) € 23.00 1-2 work days
Greenland (Express delivery) € 29.00 approx. 2 weeks
Croatia € 9.00 5-7 work days
Hungary € 7.00 2-4 work days
Ireland € 6.00 7-9 work days
Ireland (Express delivery) € 21.00 1-3 work days
Kuwait (Express delivery) € 34.00 4-7 work days
Iceland (Express delivery) € 29.00 2-3 work days
Italy € 7.00 2-3 work days
Italy (Express delivery) € 23.00 2-3 work days
Liechtenstein (Express delivery) € 24.00 1-2 work days
Lithuania € 6.00 3-4 work days
Luxembourg € 4.00 1-2 work days
Luxembourg (Express delivery) € 21.00 2-3 work days
Latvia € 6.00 3-6 work days
Monaco € 6.00 7-8 work days
Monaco (Express delivery) € 21.00 1-2 work days
Netherlands € 4.00 2-3 work days
Netherlands (Express delivery) € 21.00 1-2 work days
Norway € 19.00 1-2 work days
New Zealand (Express delivery) € 21.00 6-9 work days
Poland € 6.00 2-3 work days
Portugal € 7.00 6-8 work days
Portugal (Express delivery) € 24.00 1-2 work days
Romania € 6.00 5-7 work days
Saudi Arabia (Express delivery) € 29.00 4-7 work days
Slovakia € 7.00 2-4 work days
Slovenia € 7.00 2-4 work days
Sweden € 4.00 1-3 work days
Sweden (Express delivery) € 19.00 1 day delivery
Turkey (Express delivery) € 29.00 1-2 work days
Ukraine € 34.00 approx. 2 weeks
USA (Express delivery) € 24.00 1-3 work days
United Arab Emirates (Express delivery) € 34.00 1-3 work days
Peru (Express delivery) € 41.00 7-9 work days
Egypt (Express delivery) € 34.00 3-5 work days
Mexico (Express delivery) € 24.00 5-7 work days
Argentina (Express delivery) € 34.00 5-7 work days
Brazil (Express delivery) € 34.00 4-9 work days
Malta (Express delivery) € 37.00 3-5 work days


Our Delivery Prices

At House of Christine, we strive to provide the best shipping prices possible whilst ensuring a high level of service. It is a challenge to be offering affordable shipping rates worldwide. However, we have carefully reduced our shipping costs, so you always get the best price possible.