Let the children explore a wonderful playful universe of super comfortable and smart models made of natural materials of the highest quality. Find the perfect match in a new hat, turban or maybe a nice headband.


The products you find in this category are from our own brand Petite Peanut Headwear which is headwear for children that has been carefully developed so that the children have free movement and the optimal support - regardless of activity and need. All headwear styles from Petite Peanut Headwear are CE and Oeko-Tex certified.

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I'm Petite Peanut

I’m a wee bird

I’m green cause it’s my favourite colour and I just love to play hide and seek.

My favourite thing is to fly around under the sun wearing my super smart sunglasses.

I do not have that many feathers on my head, so I like to hide them under a turban cause it’s warm and comfortable and it protects my wee head from the sun and, I think it makes me look really cool too.

If you put your new headwear on, we can look cool together, yep let’s do that…