Technologies and product features


Christine Headwear has introduced the registered brand Caretech® on the unique and customized Christine Bamboo and Milk fabrics. Caretech® is your assurence that the headwear made from these specific fabrics are not only CE and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified but also developed and produced especially for the Chrisitine Headwear collections.

The packaging for the Caretech® Bamboo and Caretech® Milk products have been carefully labeled in order to make it easy for you to find these unique products. Further you'll find a small Caretech® label attached to the relevant hangtags on these specific product lines as well.

Caretech® because we believe in providing a high quality, exclusive and consious headwear collection, for the beautiful you…



The bamboo-viscose products from Christine Headwear are made in the unique and functional Caretech® Bamboo quality.

Bamboo-viscose fabric has many fantastic features and the soft and comfortable quality is actually used to form the largest part of the Christine Headwear product range.

The Caretech® Bamboo from Christine Headwear is supremely soft, silky and luxurious to the touch. It is breathable and thermo-regulating so you remain comfortable and dry during both summer and winter temperatures. The fabric is more moisture absorbant than cotton and quickly removes the moisture from the skin and release it. Further the eco-friendly Caretech® Bamboo products are extremely gentle to wear and higly suitable to use against sensitive skin.


The unique and comfortable Caretech® Milk fabric is only used in the Christine Headwear night caps. The milk fibers are known to add a lotion effect on the skin leaving the sensitive scalp soft and refreshed when the headwear is removed. The milk fibers will fell like silk when worn against the sensitive skin, it is breathable and will absorb moisture and quickly release it again, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the night.


The Caretech® Aloe Vera is a special feature used on the familiar Christine Headwear bamboo-viscose quality.

Aloe vera is known to have a soothing and relaxing effect on dry and sensetive skin and is used as a coating on the Christine wigliner to make this even more comfortable and soft to wear under a wig.



Comfort in clothing is dictated by our temperature and the humidity next to our skin, known as our microclimate.

37.5® Technology works with the body's natural mechanisms to maintain the optimum comfort zone at 37,5 degrees at all times. The patented 37.5® Technology is permanently embedded in the fibers used to produce our headwear and will never wash out. The particles uses energy from body heat to accelerate the vapor movement and speed up the conversion of liquid to vapor. This increases the drying rates remarkably and products with this unique feature actually dries up to 5 times faster than a similar product without. And when moisture is removed, you stay warmer when it's cold and cooler when it's warm.

The active particles used in 37.5® Technology are derived from natural sources such a coconut shells and volcanic minerals which makes this a natural and rather unique headwear line.

You can find the unique 37.5® Technology in our new product range under the Christine Headwear Body Balance Line.

Please visit this site to find out more about 37.5® Technology