If a woman suffers from hair loss, thin hair or baldness due to critical illness or disease, she often chooses to cover her scalp with a wig or a type of headwear. Some women feel they lose a bit of their femininity if they lose their hair. On top of having to deal with their illness and possible treatment, they also have to deal with feeling less like themselves. They miss the sensation of volume around their scalp. The hair also used to protect the scalp, and being very sensitive, it needs protection from the heat or from cold weather as well as against harmful radiation from the sun. Wearing a wig or a head covering can help with this.


Whether you choose a wig or a scarf, a turban or a hat depends on your personal taste and style. But the good thing is that you don’t have to wear the same style every day. There are so many types of beautiful, fashionable headwear items to choose from, making it easy to find one that suits a certain outfit or one that goes with your mood on that particular day.


A wig is an excellent type of headwear if you want the feeling of having a full head of hair again and of looking as much like yourself as possible. Or maybe you just don't feel up to answering questions when you go out. If you want a wig, you should choose one that looks really natural, has the right colour hair and is comfortable to wear. Professional guidance is a must when choosing a wig.

However, a wig will be too warm to wear both day and night, and wearing it too much will make it look worn. Maybe you want to play with your look from time to time, and if so there are many stylish and fashionable head coverings to choose from.


Fashionable scarves, stylish hats or contemporary caps from Christine Headwear are excellent supplements or alternatives to a wig. It is important to us at Christine Headwear that women feel comfortable, fashionable and confident when wearing our products. All our head coverings ensure a firm fit so that they stay in place during any activity and are so comfortable to wear that you almost forget you have them on. Our headwear designs are tailored to provide volume and fullness to a head without hair and to create a secure and comfortable fit as well as a graceful silhouette.

Having a selection of headwear to choose from provides you with more alternatives, and you are able to style your wardrobe to suit your personal taste. You can choose a new look for each day of the week or you can go with the same type of headwear every day. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable, is the best headwear for you.