Belisa Turban | Paisley Swirls

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Short description
A turban with endless possibilities for styling. Our Belisa Turban with ribbon is made from Caretech Bamboo. This turban is in the "Paisley Swirls" design.
Care & materials

The turban is made of our elegant Caretech® Bamboo viscose. We are very proud of exactly this material, because it is your guarantee that the headwear is made according to CE and Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certifications.

Our bamboo scarf model Belisa Turban is a strong follow-up to our Mantra scarf, which many also love. The Belisa is constructed like a turban and has two long, semi-attached bands which, unlike the Mantra, are attached at the front. The turban base has a beautiful close fit at the sides and front and ends at the back with small full layers that add a nice volume to the back of the head.

At the back, the turban has a fine bow-like detail that functions as two loops. These are made so that the long bands can be attached when styling the turban. The 116 cm long ribbons are attached at the front, on the right side of the turban, just above the eyebrow.


Belisa can be styled in endless ways with the help of the long ribbons. This makes it the perfect solution for women who are looking for a fun and voluminous model, but who prefer Caretech® Bamboo to Boho scarves and turbans.


This turban is printed with Paisley Swirls, which offer beautiful graphic ornaments. The multi-coloured print is a stark yet beautiful contrast to the raw autumn nature and early sunrise colors shown in the catalogue. The dark purple base is decorated with various paisley ornaments in pink, orange, brown, green and delicate pink colours.

95% Viscose (Bamboo), 5% Spandex