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Viva Headwear
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Short description

A modern and elegant turban, which is very easy to fit and style. Only the best is good enough.

Care & materials

This style is made of cotton, viscose and spandex

How is it even possible to make a tube for a turban? It is actually easier than you think and this model will surprise you with all the different possibilities it can offer. Anna • V Tube is made of a soft cotton
viscose and is a great model if you want to create a unique and personal expression. It is easy to put on and only the imagination sets the limits for the different styling options. Use it as a tight-fitting turban, tie a big loose knot at the side or go full throttle and make your very own version. In the spring catalog we have shown 3 different options, all of which are easy to set.

- Many styling options
- Smart and stylish headwear model
- Comfortable cotton-viscose quality
- Many colors to choose from

47,5% Cotton, 47,5% Viscose, 5% Spandex