The story behind

Christine Headwear was founded in Denmark in 2003 by Tine Fuglsang, when she discovered how difficult it was for women suffering hair loss to find soft, comfortable, and fashionable alternatives to wigs. Tines dear grandmother, Christine, suffered from breast cancer, so it was both a personal and a heartfelt choice to name the company after her. In 2012 Christine Headwear was acquired by the family owned company, Thygesen Textile Group A/S, and is today operated under the subsidiary, The Headwear Company.

The idea arose when Tines great grandmother suffered from breast cancer. Her name was Christine, so it was a heartfelt decision to name the company after her beloved great grandmother. Tine sold the company to Thygesen Textile Group in 2012 and the brand is today trading under The Headwear Company.  

Every day we strive to provide women suffering hair loss with a wide range of feminine, fashionable, and versatile head coverings, all made to provide the possibility of dressing up life and lifestyle when experiencing hair loss. And this without ever compromising on comfort, materials, and design. 


Our brands

Christine Headwear launched in 2003 and forms the larger part of our collections. The brand offers a large variety of turbans and scarfs made from natural and highly advanced technology materials. 

The Christine Headwear products are CE/UKCA marked, which means that they are classified as a medical device according to the EU + UKCA directive on medical devices. 

In 2013 the young and classic brand, Viva Headwear, was launched and in 2017 the vibrant lifestyle brand, Boho Spirit Headwear joined. Today the three brands form the foundation of House of Christine Headwear.

"Only the best is
good enough"


Our values

At House of Christine, we have more 20 years of experience in our field and are currently represented in 46 countries. Our many years of retail and consumer interaction therefore leaves us with a vast understanding of the effects hair loss has on women worldwide.

Our goal is to help women feel like themselves again by guiding and providing them with headwear in high-quality materials for any occasion and need. 

Most of our collections are produced at our own factory in Vietnam, and we are very proud to have this form of control and tractability, which also plays a great part in the continuous documentation requirements as a CE / UKCA brand house. This important part of our production process is your guarantee that our products are made with consideration and thoughts for the environment and general human wellbeing. Read more about our production and facilities in Vietnam here.  

Our mission is to help women with hair loss feel feminine and fashionable by offering high-quality and headwear for any occasion and need. 

Our vision is to continue to develop relevant and revolutionary high-profile headwear for women with hair loss. We aim to deliver an aesthetic and trustworthy headwear universe where comfort and compassion is our motivation and priority. In our universe, as a supplier, only the best is good enough.

We believe headwear is for everyone.  Through our uncompromising designs we strive to delivery headwear that makes women with hair loss feel comfortable and fashionable in a world characterised by change and new beginnings. 
We engage with our customers and are proud to share stories, tell stories and to create a trustworthy universe in which they feel inspired, uplifted and safe. 


Only the best is good enough

It is important for us, that women find inspiration and courage in our products, and that they feel safe, fashionable, and confident, when wearing their new headwear.

At House of Christine conscious headwear fashion is key and we believe Only the Best is Good Enough. We continue to develop relevant and revolutionary high-end headwear for women with hair loss or the many women seeking a hair alternative – because we believe beautiful headwear is for everyone.