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Christine Headwear
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Short description

Smart blouse from Christine Headwear in the color black

Care & materials

This style is part of our Body Balance series and is designed to maintain a core temperature of 37.5 degrees. The unique and functional fabric captures and releases moisture vapors, leaving you dry and comfortable.

The popular and unique undershirt with 37.5® technology is now also available with long sleeves in a classic black colour.
This delicious t-shirt, which will keep your body in a comfortable 37.5°C temperature balance, is an absolute must-have in your wardrobe and one you will enjoy both summer and winter. The soft and light 37.5® quality is extremely comfortable to wear and can be used both as an undershirt and as a nice t-shirt under a jacket or blouse.

Comfort in clothing, especially underwear, is often dictated by our body temperature. However, it can be difficult to maintain a body balance of 37.5°C when the body undergoes changes in connection with an operation, treatment for a critical illness or when you are affected by Alopecia. The heat rises and the cold shivers that are often associated with this can cause a lot of discomfort. But this unique series of tops can alleviate these challenges. The 37.5® technology used to make the material helps maintain and regulate to the optimal core temperature of 37.5°C by cooling when you are hot and conversely warming the covered area when the body gets cold.< /p>

69% Wool, 31% Polyester